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According to the Egyptian Code of Practice ECP

Hinged Isolated Footing
Fixed Isolated Footing
Cantilever Retaining Wall
Basement Wall
Combined Footing
Strap Beam Footing
Rectangular Column
Solid Slab
Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision : to create a world-class Online Civil/Structural Engineering Platform.

Our Mission: we are aiming to create a well-prepared platform that can help Civil/Structural Engineers and Engineering Students to perform Design Calculations Based on the Egyptian Code of Practice ECP 203-2017 - as a start -.

As professional Engineers working in the Egyptian market, we see the gap and problems facing Structural Designers. The Egyptian Code of Practice has no presence in the famous software packages like Prokon, PCA, STAAD Foundation , ... etc. So we wanted to cover that gap by creating a platform that will not only solves these problems, but also comes with other benefits. 

It is ONLINE, which gives us the power of accessibility, from any computer/laptop/mobile, without the need to for downloading and installation of software, or limited PCs . There is no effort needed to ensure it is updated. you will always be using the updated version of our platform. It is also away from manipulation or misediting equations or values. so it is trusted from that point. we are also verifying the results inline with famous Egyptian Reinforced Concrete Handbooks.

We are kick-starting this Platform aiming big, your support and encouragement is our fuel to complete the challenge. Spread the Word, and give us your feedback/comments/suggestions

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